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Precinct ManagerTM - Timekeeping

Flexible Time Tracking

Employee time tracking is needed to provide information for payroll processing and reporting purposes. Precinct ManagerTM provides options to allow you to mix and match tracking techniques as needed. In a complex organization, it makes sense to provide the right type of time tracking based on individual employee needs.

By Exception

By Exception is popular because it requires the least amount of input. Based on a set schedule, the employee will be paid regular hours for all scheduled hours, unless a form is provided (an exception) to specify otherwise. This method is recommended for management and other employees where the honor system, in regards to attendance, is the preferred approach.

Daily Form

In certain situations, it may be preferable for employees to fill out a daily time slip. With daily forms, the employee provides a start and end time for each work day. This is useful in part-time or variable hour situations, when the schedule is not predictable. Daily forms also provide an easy way to submit other pay codes, such as Acting Supervisor pay.

Time Clock

When a full clock in/out solution is required, we provide different options to capture the time. Clocking in and out can be accomplished without hardware by using the Employee Web interface. When more strict enforcement is required, hardware solutions, including magnetic card readers (MSR), biometric fingerprint readers, and RFID proximity cards are also supported.

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