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Precinct ManagerTM - Scheduling

Precinct ManagerTM can handle the simplest of schedules to the most complex rotations.

There are several different features of Precinct ManagerTM that are designed to effectively maintain and manage the complicated schedules of governmental agencies.

Each of the scheduling features were designed based on the ideas and suggestions of our customers.

Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule is designed to give a quick overview of everyone's schedule for the week. This view shows all of the events for the week along with the specific hours. From here you can see who is on which shift, when people are on leave, are trading shifts, or are taking comp time.

Monthly Detail

The monthly detail is useful for looking at the details of one particular employee. This view displays all of the events for an employee for a particular month, along with the hours of each event.

Daily Roster

The Daily Assignment Roster shows the scheduling details of a particular shift. This report displays all of the details withing a time frame. The staffing levels provide the number of employees working by the hour. This report makes it easy to manage minimum staffing levels and helps determine when and where overtime is needed.
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