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Precinct ManagerTM - Reporting

Instant Access to Your Information

The payoff for making your information electronic is that valuable reports can be run at the click of a button. Precinct ManagerTM comes fully loaded with reports that can be used to control costs and manage resources.
No two organizations have the same reporting needs.  Although Precinct ManagerTM comes with a variety of pre-defined reports, custom reporting is also available. We want you to have the data you need in a format that works for you.

Control Overtime Costs

In order to get a handle on your overtime costs, it is possible to "tag" your overtime requests with budget tags. Once the overtime slips are tagged, you can generate an accurate cost report by choosing your employee set and providing a date range. This task is not reasonable to perform manually, and by using this electronic method, you can easily track any type of overtime.

Manage Shift Coverage

If you are responsible for ensuring staff availability for upcoming weeks, you can take advantage of the Shift Coverage report. This report provides a detailed analysis of who is on duty, as well as who is off and why. This allows for quick, effective planning of daily staffing needs.

Process Overtime Call Out

When filling scheduling vacancies, there is typically an internal procedure that must be followed in order to offer overtime to the correct employees. This is a target area for grievances, when rules are not properly followed. With the information contained in the system, it is possible to create call out lists that can be tailored to your needs, and the results can be tracked if desired.

Organize Payroll Forms

The payroll process inherently generates a significant amount of forms. Various payroll reports are supplied to organize and break down the information by user and pay period. You will never hunt for a lost slip again.

Track Anything

The reports listed above are just some examples of the many that are available with the system. Our custom services also allow for the tracking of your own data, as well as providing customized reporting as needed. If you want a report on it, we can track it.

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