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Precinct ManagerTM - Purchase

To ensure that Precinct Manager is the best solution for you we like to take a few steps to discuss the needs and expectations of your organization. Below is the typical process for inquiring, purchasing, and implementing the software.

Free Evaluation

To start the process we would like to have a short discussion about your organization and what problems are you trying to solve. We can help you determine if Precinct ManagerTM will provide the solution you are looking for. In this evaluation we can provide a rough idea of the cost associated with the project.

Contact Us to start the process.


If you decide to proceed with the process we would be available to demo Precinct ManagerTM to you and key individuals. At this time we would also discuss the necessary features and customizations to the software.


After the demo we will draw up a proposal and price quote for you to consider. At this point we would be available to answer any questions that your organization may have.

Setup Meetings

If you decide to implement Precinct ManagerTM we would then schedule a time to discuss the details of the setup. This includes timesheet setup, schedules, and leave banks.

Setup and Installation

Based on the requirements of the project we would then configure the system, make any customizations, and install the software on your server. We set up the system with the necessary information including the entry of employees and schedules.

Sign Off

After the setup is complete we would return to demonstrate the final configurations to key individuals. At this time minor changes and tweaks may be requested before going 'live'.


After the final changes and setup has been complete we hold a short onsite training for the general employees. The system has a simple web interface that does not require intensive training. A separate more detailed training would be held for supervisors.

Go Live

Once everyone is comfortable with the system you will determine a date to officially start using the system. For a short period some organizations will continue to proceed with the 'old' process along with the Precinct ManagerTM system.


Right Stuff Software will continue to support the system. We provide full technical support and will be available during business hours. We do not charge hourly for our support, support is included in the licensing. We encourage our customers to take full advantage of our resources.  Our support includes phone support, new employee setup, yearly maintenance, and changes to system resulting from employee contract changes/negotiations.

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