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Precinct ManagerTM

The Precinct ManagerTM System is a work force scheduling and timekeeping system designed to eliminate paperwork. Designed specifically for law enforcement and other government agencies, the key features include multi-level leave slip approvals, unlimited shift patterns, and multiple labor contracts.

The basic idea behind Precinct Manager is not to change how your organization works but to improve it. Instead of an employee submitting paper leave and scheduling forms to their supervisor, they submit the forms electronically. The forms are then routed up the chain of command until approved. Once approved the system will then automatically adjust the schedule, timesheets, leave banks, and reports.

The system uses a fully web-based approach to minimize installation costs and reduce the labor needed from IT staff during deployment of Precinct ManagerTM. The program can easily be accessed from a desktop or from a vehicle.

Enforce labor contracts consistently across the entire work force.

Eliminate paper work and approval headaches with multi-level approvals.

Provide immediate cost savings by improving day-to-day handling of administrative tasks.

We provide a full analysis of your business process as it relates to scheduling, leave slips, and payroll generation. We tailor our software to meet your business needs. It’s time for you to move forward. Precinct ManagerTM is simply a better way to manage your information.

No longer maintain multiple systems or records

With Precinct Manager there is no reason to keep separate records for payroll, scheduling, reports, and leave banks. When the employee or supervisor submits a form everything is instantly updated. This allows for a system of checks and balances with greater accuracy and consistency.

Direct import into payroll

At the end of the pay period, Precinct Manager will export the data into any payroll system.  With a click of a button, Precinct Manager exports all of the employee timesheets and the associated data. We currently have customers that integrate with Paychex, CHIPS, SSI and CMI payroll systems.  If you have a different payroll system, as long as it can accept an import file, we can integrate with it.  With payroll integration, the tedious process of manually entering the data is eliminated, saving time every payroll.

We can handle small and large organizations, and have additional features such as Special Event handling, an Information Desk and Extra Duty sign-up and tracking. Numerous reports are provided to effectively run your operations.

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