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Precinct ManagerTM - Leave Banks

Precinct ManagerTM provides for extensive leave bank management. This is typically a manual task for many agencies, and it is quite time-consuming. We provide real-time access to all leave bank information for all users.

This feature provides a self-service means for an employee to manage leave questions without management intervention, as well as reduce or eliminate ‘leave without pay’ events.

Leave Banks

Leave banks can be configured for Sick, Vacation, Comp and Personal days. Other banks can be specified such as Holiday or Military time. The banks are kept up-to-date automatically as forms are entered into the system.


Accrual rates can be set up per employee for the Sick and Vacation bank. Accruals can be managed per period, or on a monthly basis as needed.


The banks are managed like the transactions of a bank account. Each deposit or withdrawal against the bank is tracked. Reports can be run to provide the detail to answer balance questions that arise.
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